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SJLLASER located in China. The company has a facility covering more than 5000 square meters in a high-tech park.

SJLLASER optical ball lens level up to a maximum of 3, ball size in diameter 0.4-250mm, ball diameter tolerances up to +-0.001 and main applications in the fields of laser, optical communication, the application of infrared, and medical imaging, such as photovoltaic industry. We produce optical sphere lens, sapphire ball lens, ZnSe ball lens, K9 ball lens, CaF2, germanium silicate glass, ZnSe and Ryukyu infrared glass lens,. We mainly imported from Germany, the Japanese production of optical glass ball lens material refraction rate from 1.50-2.0 were a large number of suppliers, monthly production of 30 million tablets.

SAPHHIRE and RUBY Products mainly include cup jewels, Jewel Bearings,  Sapphire Windows, Hole Jewel, Sapphire and Ruby Orifices, Sapphire Rods, Assemblies Jewels, Nozzle Jewels, Sapphire Rectangle Windows, Ruby Balls Measuring Head, Sapphire Balls & Ruby Balls, Optical Balls Lenses & Hemispheres, Jewel Bearings, Check Valves, Sapphire Ball & Seat, Special Jewels, Ceramic Component. These products are chiefly applied to accurate Measuring Instrument, Machinery, Ultra-High Pressure Water Jet, Hematology Instrumentation, Ink Jet Printing, Flow Control, Liquid Cutting, Laser Technology, Circuit Substrates, Sensor, Optical Fiber Communication, Textile, Medical Science , War Industry and Aero-Space, etc

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S.J.L grows large diameter Nd:YAG(Neodymium doped Yttrium Aluminum Garnet) crystals using the Czochralski technique. To make sure that each S.J.L crystal performs to our customer's specifications, we use high quality starting materials for crystal growth, and strict process control techniques such as whole boule interferometry, transmission spectroscopy and fluorescence lifetime method for precise measurement of Nd concentration. With full documentation for every shipment, S.J.L maintains traceability on all materials in the entire process, from finished laser materials back to starting oxides. State-of-the-art fabrication and coating processes enable S.J.L to provide its customers consistently reliable finished products.

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